For Vendors - Fire Product Challenge 2017

The Fire Product Challenge is a unique and fun event that gives you one on one contact with every contractor at the event!

Before you register, here is what you need to know:

  • Each Vendor must provide at least 10 questions (no more than 15 questions) and corresponding answers about their products and/or company.  This is your chance to showcase your products!  Questions can be multiple choices, True / False, or Fill in the Blank.
  • An example would be: “Vendor A makes the most reliable quick response sprinkler head, discharging at ______.  A - ###, B - ###, C - ###, D - ###"
  • Vendors must provide a logoed hat for approximately 10 team members to wear during the event.  You want your team to look good!
  • Vendors must provide one raffle prize which will be awarded to one of the contractors who answered the questions at your table correctly.


Vendor Pricing


Fire Product Challenge (includes two full registrations, breakfast, lunch, Keynote dinner and the bus to Key West (bus requires pre-registration))  - $1,500


Additional Vendor Participant (includes one full registrant, breakfast, lunch, Keynote dinner and the bus to Key West (bus requires pre-registration)) - $400 (REQUIRES full vendor registration for Fire Product Challenge)


Bus Sponsor (includes banner on bus and logo’ed fans for each bus rider) - $1,000


Lanyard Sponsor (includes logo on conference lanyards) - $1,000


Drink Sponsor (includes drink tickets with logo and additional drink tickets to give out to participants) - $1,000