Training Bundle - 16 Hours for Water-Based Inspectors - Spanish

This bundle includes classes on a variety of topics to make up the full 16 CEUs required for water-based inspectors! This bundle offers a combination of Spanish and English online training. It includes 10 hours of Spanish ITM classes and 6 hours of English ITM Classes. All classes in the bundle are approved for Waterbased Inspectors.


Included Classes

  • Coordinación de NFPA 25 y 72
  • Inspección de Bombas y Tanques Serie ITM
  • Inspección de la NFSA de los sistemas de rociadores contra incendios de la serie ITM
  • Inspección de los sistemas de tubos verticales, redes privadas e hidrantes de la serie ITM
  • Inspección de válvulas y otros componentes comunes Serie ITM
  • Inspecting Storage Occupancies
  • Introduction to NFPA 25 and ITM
  • NFSA ITM Seminar Module 5.4S Valvulas de prueba y otros componentes / Testing Valves and Other Components
  • Prueba de bombas y tanques
  • Prueba de la serie ITM de sistemas de rociadores contra incendios
  • Pruebas de tuberias verticales, principales e hidrantes/Testing of Standpipe, Private Mains and Hydrants
  • Remote Monitoring and Remote ITM
  • Understanding the 2017 Edition of NFPA 25


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Bundle Type
On Demand
Total Running Time
16 hrs