Cloud Ceilings

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On Demand
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90 min
Roland Asp

Contractor I

Contractor II

Sprinkler protection of cloud ceilings is a very active topic in the fire sprinkler industry today and much work has been accomplished to assist in providing guidance for sprinkler spacing under these challenging ceiling configurations. A cloud ceiling is, in essence, panel(s) suspended below the structural ceiling and separated by gaps of varying dimensions. Until now the only solution has been to install sprinklers both above and below these ceiling clouds. This seminar will discuss the results of research conducted by the Fire Protection Research Foundation. The focus will be, when dealing with cloud ceilings, under what circumstances will sprinklers installed under the clouds only, provide an acceptable level of fire protection. The program will discuss all these variables and provide insight into the latest research and revisions for the 2016 edition of NFPA 13 for these challenging ceiling configurations.

Approved for Contractor I, II and Waterbased Inspectors.


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