Fire Pump Location and Protection

Course Code FP9545
Class Type On Demand
Running Time 90 min
CEUs 1.50

Contractor I

Contractor II

Water-Based Inspector

One of the many considerations when utilizing fire pumps is determining acceptable locations and proper methods of protection for this vital piece of equipment. Fire pumps may be located indoors in a pump room, in a dedicated pump house, or outdoors. In any case, NFPA 20 specifies that the pump be protected against interruption from service by a variety of adverse conditions including freezing, earthquakes, fire, vermin and vandalism. Other aspects of the design that must be considered are access, drainage, ventilation and the size of the pump house/room. This seminar will discuss these aspects of pump location and protection using the performance based specifications found in NFPA 20.

Approved for Contractor I, II and Waterbased Inspectors.


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