Room Design

Course Code FP10146
Class Type On Demand
Running Time 90 min
CEUs 1.50

Contractor I

Contractor II

Water-Based Inspector

When performing hydraulic calculations, it is always important to answer the question, “How many sprinklers are going to open if there is a fire in this occupancy?” NFPA 13 provides a number of different ways to answer this question, including the Room Design Method, which basically assumes every sprinkler in the room will open. Of course, this assumes that the walls of the room will be sufficiently fire resistant to keep the fire in the room. This program will discuss all of the rules of the Room Design Method including the requirements for finding the most demanding room, the requirements for the fire resistance of the walls, and the allowances for openings to other rooms.

Approved for Contractor I, II and Waterbased Inspector.


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